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What kind of products does Bee-Nails offer?

- Bee-Nails offers the industry’s best products for convenient and healthy cannabis concentrate consumption.

- E-Nails: Electric control stations that transfer consistent and accurate heat to your nail that is attached to your rig. Learn more here.  (Clickable picture that goes to Worker Bee-Nail Video)

- Portable Concentrate/Oil Vaporizers: Battery powered and custom designed vaporizers for concentrates and also interchangeable with oil cartridges. Learn more here. (Clickable picture that goes to GoBee Video)

- Rosin Presses: Pneumatic heat presses custom designed to maximize your solvent less extraction yields of organic rosin. Bee-Nails also has hydraulic versions in R&D. Learn more here. . (Clickable picture that goes to Hex5000 Video)

What does it mean to “Join the Colony”?

- Here at Bee-Nails the Colony comes first. The Colony is made up of all Bee-Nails customers and subscribers to our media platforms. When you buy or subscribe you are a member of our Colony, our family and you come first. Our business model is based on Colony feedback and we factor every call, comment, email, and all feedback from our Colony when making business decisions.

How is Bee-Nails different from its competitors?

- Bee-Nails has ownership and control over every aspect of our business from manufacturing, design, packaging, marketing, and customer service. This is why we are able to offer you lifetime warranties, 24 hour replies, BEEautiful aesthetics, and the best products at any price in the industry. Bee-Nails does not release any products that the entire staff does not love and use daily. Our doors are always open and we encourage you to visit us at our HQ in Fort Collins, CO


Where does Bee-Nails ship to and how fast is it?

- Bee-Nails ships worldwide but currently only ships to the U.S. and Canada at Bee-Nails.com. If you live outside of the U.S or Canada please contact us for shipping prices. All U.S. orders have shipping options ranging between 2-7 business days and all Canada orders range between 5-7 business days.

Why haven’t I received my tracking number yet?

Bee-Nails typically take less than 24 hours from your order but depending on your choice of shipping speed and order flow we guarantee that you will receive tracking within 48 business hours from the time you place your order.  You will receive tracking info as soon as Bee-Nails has your order packaged and ready for pickup from the postal service.

How do I adjust my order or address after purchasing?

If you have an error in your order please contact Bee-Nails by phone for faster service. You can call 844-Bee-Nail and select extension 2 for customer service.

My package has stopped moving. Who do I contact?

Once you receive your tracking information the delivery of your package is dependent on the shipping courier. Please contact customer service of the shipping company for your package. Bee-Nails is always here to assist you if you need anything from us in order to get information on the shipping of your package.


What is the best temperature to dab at?

- All Bee-Nails enails are preset to 710ºF. We believe this is the best starting point for all nails and concentrates. Keep in mind that you may want to experiment with higher temps for more viscous concentrates such as live resin and lower temps with less viscous concentrates such as crumble.

What is the best way to clean my nails?

- Titanium: Turn up your enail temperature to about 1100ºF for 10-20 minutes and use your titanium dab tool to scrape off the residue. After your nail cools, wipe out any remaining residue in your nail.

- Ceramic: Turn up your enail temperature to about 1100ºF for about 20 minutes or until your ceramic turns white again. Self cleaning!

- Quartz: Rinse your dirty quartz nail under hot water. Then, use your Bee-Nails Resin Remover, dish soap, and your brush to scrape off the residue. Rinse and repeat until clean.

- Trinity Nail: 

What is the best way to clean my GoBee and rigs?

What concentrates work best with the GoBee?

- You can use any and all types of concentrates with the GoBee. The GoBee works best with concentrates that have a stronger consistency such as shatters or waxes but not as well with oils. Bee-Nails recommends that you use a cartridge for your oils and switch out your GoBee atomizer for a 510 cartridge should you choose to vaporize oils.

My GoBee stopped heating. What should I do?

- First, be sure to check that your GoBee is charged. If you have battery life try using a different atomizer to check if you may have a defective atomizer. If the problem persists, try unscrewing your entire base of the atomizer and wipe down the connection piece with clean towel. Reattach the base and see if the atomizer will heat. If none of these steps worked contact Bee-Nails for warranty service.


My enail is showing “eeee”. What should I do?

- This error message means your control box is having an error when trying to read the temperature of your coil. Please try disconnecting and reconnecting your coil. If the problem persists, try and reset your temperature controller as described in your user manual. Your heating coil is warrantied for one year. If the problem persists after reconnecting and resetting please contact Bee-Nails for warranty service.


- Enail User Manual

- GoBee User Manual



- We warranty all electric control boxes and vaporizer batteries from normal use of failure for the life of the product. As long as that product is listed at Bee-Nails.com, it is under warranty.  Heating coils and power cords are covered for one (1) year from normal use of failure. We do not warranty nails, glass, or atomizers. For more information visit our warranty page.

- See our Return Policy

- See our Warranty Page



What does Bee-Nails Guarantee?

- Bee-Nails is proud to announce our “Bee Happy” guarantee. We guarantee that you will be happy with your purchases and service you receive from Bee-Nails or your money back. We also guarantee that all calls and emails will be returned within 24 business hours. Due to Federal Law, we cannot ask you to ship back any product that has touched any concentrate. Bee-Nails offers a no questions asked five (5) day return policy. If you receive your products and are not happy with them, simply notify us within five (5) days, fill out your Product Return Form, send everything back, and receive your full refund 2-3 business days after we receive it. We guarantee you will BEE HAPPY!


- The best way to get in contact with us is to come visit us our HQ in Fort Collins, CO! If you cant’ do that, please call us at 844-Bee-Nail or email us at info@bee-nails.com. Join the Colony!