Lifetime Warranty Policy

Lifetime Warranty Policy

“People think we are joking when we tell them that their Bee-Nails products have a lifetime warranty on them but we are dead serious. We stand behind our products and are willing to incur more costs to earn the lifelong trust of our Colony members. It makes sense for us because our defect rate is below 1% and replacement parts don’t cost us much in comparison to a lifelong Bee-Nails customer.”

-Ali Abouzalam, CEO at Bee-Nails



1.1: Bee-Nail - Electric Nail Control Station (DIGITAL BOX)

Standard 1 Year Warranty: Bee-Nails, LLC (hereinafter referred to as

Bee-Nails) warrants it’s electric nail control station against failure from

normal use for one year from the date of purchase with all enail and

enail set purchases.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: The Bee-Nails LIMITED

LIFETIME WARRANTY may be purchased at an additional $30 and

Bee-Nails will warrant the electric nail control station against failure from

normal use for the life of the digital box.

1.2: GoBee Portable Wax Vaporizer (1500 Mah Battery)

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Bee-Nails will warrant the 1500 mah battery against failure from normal use for the life of the battery.



2.1 Bee-Nail Heating Coils: Bee-Nails will warrant all of it’s heating coils against failure from normal use for one year from the date of purchase.

2.2 Bee-Nail Power Cord: Bee-Nails will warrant all of it’s power cords against failure from normal use for one year from the date of purchase.



Bee-Nails DOES NOT warranty any nails, glass, silicone, or any other associated products available for purchase at However, all products are still covered under the Bee Happy Guarantee.



- Using the products according to the Bee-Nails Instruction Manual.

- Maintaining and cleaning products as instructed in product manuals.

- Replacing blown fuses, atomizers, mouthpieces, as needed.

- Periodically resetting your temperature controller as described in the

instruction manual.

The Bee-Nails Product Warranty, both standard and optional, only

covers eligible customers that have completed the following before

making a claim for warranty service:

1) Retain copy of dated original receipt/order number from Bee- or a Bee-Nails retailer.

2) Register your product at

Your-Product.aspx within 30 days of purchase.

3) Call 844-Bee-Nail for troubleshooting tips and have if they can’t fix

the issue over the phone they will instruct you to make a warranty claim

by emailing



After going through a troubleshooting call with Bee-Nails customer

service at 844-Bee-Nail, you must do the following to begin the warranty

claim process.

1) Download and fill out the Bee-Nails Product Return Form at

2) Email with your order number or store receipt

and the filled out Product Return Form attached to the email.

3) Once Bee-Nails replies to your email verifying all of your

information is valid, ship back your returned products with a copy

of your product return form and email your

shipping tracking number.




Customers who fail to complete Bee-Nails Warranty requirements within

the given time will still be offered repair services at a fair price. Should

Bee-Nails no longer carry a specific model that is returned for warranty

service, Bee-Nails reserves the right to charge a model upgrade

fee of at least 50% of the MSRP in connection with the fulfillment of any valid claim.

Please contact and/or 844-Bee-Nail to request

claim for warranty service. All returns must include your ENTIRE UNIT

(digital box, power cord, and heating coil) in order to have warranty

service performed. Once a Bee-Nails customer service representative

validates a warranty claim, please mail all returns with all requirements

listed above to Bee-Nails, LLC at 116 N. College Ave #3 Fort Collins,

CO 80524.

The Bee-Nails Product Warranty is not valid if buyer fails the obligation

of performing normal use with the appliance. The following specific

actions will void the Bee-Nails warranty, specifically but not limited to:

disassembly of product, misuse or mishandling, improper or

unauthorized repair, use of incorrect fuses, water damage, excessive

damage, fire, flood, or any other contingencies beyond the control of


Except for the warranty expressly set forth above or to the extent

restricted or prohibited by applicable law, Bee-Nails products are

provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind. Bee-Nails expressly

disclaims any and all other warranties express or implied, including any

warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose,

and you specifically agree that Bee-Nails shall not be liable for any

special, incidental, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages for

breach of any warranty of any type, or otherwise, on any Bee-Nails



**The final right of interpretation of this warranty belongs to Bee-

Nails, LLC.