25mm Quartz E-Banger Coil - Wholesale
25mm Quartz E-Banger Coil - Wholesale

25mm Quartz E-Banger Coil - Wholesale

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The Bee-Nails 25mm Quartz E-Banger Coil is specifically made for our 25mm Quartz E-Banger. This unique style wraps under your quartz banger to make sure it is heated from the bottom and the sides for optimal consumption of your dabs. This coil is a mini xlr connection which is specifically made for the Bee-Nail v2.0.
This coil will heat your 25mm quartz banger and enable you to take massive dabs! The Kevlar on the cable stays cool but always remember to have your coil on your nail before turning on, as your coil gets very hot!
  • 5-foot long mini XLR style Cable
  • Only for Bee-Nail v2.0 (mini XLR)
  • Wraps and secures under your banger
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