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  Keep that dab rig clean and pristine with your Bee-Nails 14mm male / female dropdown. This drop down attaches your rig to your dab nail and serves as a buffer between the joint and nail.

The purpose is to prolong the life of your dab rig and electric nail gear because most of the dab residue will get trapped in the dropdown resulting in cleaner dab rigs. Like all of your other dab nails and enail products, you will want to regularly clean your drop down with isopropyl alcohol or your favorite cleaner. You can always use our all natural resin remover as well. Enjoy this drop down which is a serious tool to help you BEE YOUR BEST when it comes to having a convenient and clean e-nail dab station.

** This drop down will fit all Bee-Nail rigs and pairs with a 14mm male/female nail**

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