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Sweet Honey CBD Shatter - Wholesale
Sweet Honey CBD Shatter - Wholesale
Sweet Honey CBD Shatter - Wholesale

Sweet Honey CBD Shatter - Wholesale

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BEEhold! Bee-Nails' first CBD product is now Available in 1000mg!
Extracted with clean CO2 techniques from local Colorado organic hemp farms.
Flavor Profile: Sweet, Creamy, Honey, Bready

Effects: High Energy!
Colony, we are so excited to finally offer a high quality consumable product with our award winning dab pens and e-nails. This high quality wholesale CBD sourced right here in Colorado tastes even better when used our premium vaporizer products. Whether you need to consume on the go or at home, Bee-Nails has you covered. 

Dominant Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Humulene

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CBD Shatter

CBD shatter gets its name from looking like shattered glass. It easily breaks off into serving sizes of your choice and is perfect for dabbing on any dab rig or dab pen. It can appear in big solid slabs or smaller chunks for a perfect dab serving size of CBD crystals. Our sweet honey CBD shatter has been perfectly formulated for incredible flavor and clear headed THC free effects for the high energy and productive worker bee looking to #BeeYourBest. 

Pure CBD Crystals with Added Terpenes

What is CBD shatter, exactly? It is one of the purest forms of CBD, or cannabidiol, but with terpenes mixed in to add flavors, aromas, and desired effects of cannabis. Afterall, cannabis is the mother of both marijuana and hemp. 

These terpenes derive from natural plants and mimic popular medical marijuana strains that offer countless health benefits. You receive these medicinal effects without feeling high, since this pure CBD isolate derivative contains zero detectable levels of THC*.

Top things to love about using Cannabidiol shatter:

  • Terpene profiles mimic popular medical marijuana strains
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • The small and compact container makes it easy to carry
  • This is some DELICIOUS CBD

Pure 1000mg CBD Shatter with Added Terpenes

1000mg CBD Shatter is one of the purest forms of CBD or cannabidiol. It has terpenes mixed in to add flavors, aromas, and desired effects.

Our popular wholesale CBD shatter for sale can be used for more than just dabbing off of your Bee-Nails dab pen or e-nail. Our wholesale CBD is not only soluble in oil, which makes it great for dabbing or vaping – you can also ingest it sublingually when blended with your choice of edible oils such as hemp seed, MCT, olive, avocado, and more. CBD concentrate is also great for using with food or mixing with beverages.

Bee-Nails CBD Shatter is available in 1000mg – extracted from the hemp plant using clean extraction methods and is free from all solvents. Our Colorado-grown hemp is run through a CO2 extraction process, maintaining the most important compounds for our customers’ wellness effects. We are proud to have partnered with https://vapenterps.com/ for a high quality CBD product. 

This CBD concentrate is exceptionally potent, pure CBD. Adding plant-based terpenes is giving the unique taste and fragrance to the product, creating a peculiar strain with its individual properties. All strains produce different effects and, combined with CBD, create the most potent shatter any customer would buy.

Suggested use

Many consumers have turned to shatter for its high concentration of CBD and ease of consumption. CBD is non-psychoactive. And, by all means, it cannot make you high. 

What makes CBD Shatter so great? You can mix it in oil of your choice or add it to your CBD juice for a more potent effect. Whatever makes your endocannabinoid system and you feel satisfied and energized. Vaping CBD concentrate means heating the CBD shatter to vaporize and inhale it. Try with the lower dosages and increase gradually. Use your kitchen scale to measure the amounts accurately in milligrams and wait for a day at least before the next increase in dosage.


After you decide to buy our CBD shatter, the next important thing is to configure the dosage correctly. Try starting with a low dosage and double or triple it afterward. It’s completely up to you – every person has a different set of sensitivity levels to any compound. Wait for a couple of hours until you have reached the desired effect.

Always know what you are looking for – it will prevent you from getting a high dose right away, and feeling some of the counter effects. Go slow and build your way up. It is far better than taking incorrect dosages and not feeling the full desired effects.

We strive very hard to provide you with a clean, straightforward product. All of our products have a publicly displayed certificate of analysis, complete and updated regularly.  If you have any questions you reach out to our fantastic customer service, and you will get fast and friendly customer service assistance.


Our crystals are the absolute best hemp concentrate you’ll find on the market. It is hard to find a reliable wholesale CBD company nowadays. That’s why we offer a full-bodied dabbing CBD product that tastes so good! Whether you ingest it orally or take a CBD dab – the effects are immediate. It melts nice and clean, giving it a fantastic terpy experience and feeling. All wholesale CBD concentrates like oils, shatter, or isolate have many ways of consuming. 


*Lab tests showing non-detectable levels of THC